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Honoring Our Veterans

The Camden Burials

Members of our chapter traveled to Camden last spring to participate in several events honoring soldiers killed in the Battle of Camden. 

The multi-day event was organized by the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust, along with the Sons of the American Revolution and the Camden Revolutionary War Center.

Led by the U.S. Army Old Guard and other military units, we walked alongside Daughters from other chapters in a funeral cortege that led to the historic Bethesda Presbyterian Church. 


We followed the steps of mule-drawn caissons that carried the flag-draped coffins of fourteen soldiers who died for our country's independence.  


Following a poignant memorial service on the church's front lawn, the soldiers' remains were transported to the Battlefield of Camden where a burial honors ceremony was held.


Chapter Programs and Activities

The Issaqueena Chapter, NSDAR, develops programs, activities, and events that focus on patriotism, historic preservation, and education. Interesting programs and workshops open the door to learning opportunities. Some activities may be private, while others are open to the general public. We also join with other Daughters to participate in momentous occasions that honor our veterans.  


Constitution Day, Bells Across America 

We celebrate Constitution Day with chapters across the country during Bells Across America program held each year on Sept. 17. Our chapter's ceremony is held inside a historical episcopal church in Uptown Greenwood. Community members of all denominations, races and ages fill the pews. 

Historic Preservation

Project: Pieces of the Past

Last fall, our chapter crafted beautiful mosaic coasters using salvaged remnants of a stained glass window from the historic Hodges Presbyterian Church, which was destroyed by fire in 2019. The church has since been rebuilt, but these pieces of the past serve as testament to its enduring resilience.


Genealogy Workshops

In 2023, we organized a genealogy workshop to offer insight on documenting family lineage for DAR applications. Due to the overwhelming response and expressed interest, we hope to hold another workshop in 2024. These sessions are complimentary and open to Daughters from other chapters. Stay tuned for more details!


Revolutionary Times Market and Fair

Last November, we transformed a local farmer's market into a colonial-themed experience, allowing visitors to step back in time and connect with our heritage. The Revolutionary Times Market featured activities for children, talented musicians, and demonstrations in blacksmithing, woodworking, and quilting.

Charleston Tea Party

In early December, we hosted a tea party to shed light on the often overlooked 1773 Charleston Tea Party. The elegant affair featured guest speakers, a harpists, refreshments, and of course - hot tea!

State Conferences

Members and guests attend the annual SCDAR State Conference and Fall Forum. These three-day venues offer a wonderful chance to celebrate individual successes, showcase achievements, and build connections with members from other chapters. The conference features business meetings, educational activities, guest speakers, and opportunities to acquire DAR memorabilia and other items.

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